Matters under this procedure are not limited to municipal infractions but are open to all manner of needs of residents.  The City Administrator will direct each complaint to the appropriate disposition.  All traffic and criminal issues will be referred to the Johnson County Sheriff's Department. 

    General comments and suggestions are welcome and will be forwarded to the appropriate party.  Those received specifically for the Council  will be forwarded for its review.  A Citizen may request that a matter be placed on the next Council Agenda for formal discussion and action. 

All Complaints will be addressed as follows: 

1.  If a Citizen addresses a complaint with the Mayor, Council member or Staff, that person will inform Citizen to file a formal complaint at Hills City Office and advise them of the procedures for doing so. 

2.  Citizen fills out complaint/comment form and submits to the Hills City Office during normal office hours.  Complaints will be considered unsubstantiated if a complaint form is not completed and signed.  Unsubstantiated complaints will warrant no action by the Mayor, Council or Staff. 

3.  Verification of a Complaint will be documented and shall entail the following criteria:

            a.  Date of Complaint

            b.  Name of Citizen filing Complaint

            c.  Phone number of Citizen filing Complaint

            d.  Address of property where nuisance is occurring

            e.  Specific details/description regarding the nuisance

            f.  City Staff visually verifies the nuisance exists 

4.  Nuisance Abatement Requests, if verified by City Staff:

            a.  If this is the first complaint, a letter will be sent in an attempt to secure voluntary cooperation of the offender.  The letter will specify the complaint and the action required to be in compliance.

            b.  If unabated or abatement reoccurs, a formal abatement notice will be sent by certified mail  to the offender specifying the complaint and action required to be in compliance with Hills City Code.  Notice will also include a reasonable time frame for abatement. (See Hills City Code Chapter 50, Section 50.06 (1)).

            c.  Any person who receives a formal abatement notice has a right to a hearing with the Council as to whether a nuisance exists.  (Hills City Code Chapter 50, Section 50.06(3)).

            d.  In the event that the abatement has not occurred in the time frame allowed or in the event of another complaint, a first offense municipal infraction citation will be issued by the City Attorney.  Witnesses will be required to testify if appropriate.  The appropriate municipal infractions citation will be issued on each occurrence thereafter.

            e.  Any matter remaining in dispute will be referred to the appropriate court for aciton.